"Ursa's Signum" Great Pyrenees

The aim of this website is to share information about my kennel and the Great Pyrenees bred and owned by me over the last 20 years.


In December 2001 my husband died. As it was not possible for me to continue with the breeding of Great Pyrenees on my own, I retired from breeding.

So building this website will also be a little bit a walk down memory lane for me.



How to navigate this site:

  • About Ursa's Signum: Some writing about the beginning of my passion for this wonderfull breed and how it continued over the years.
  • The Pyrs: Information about the Pyrs, bred and owned by me, and also information about the imported Pyrs which I owned. With photgraphs.
  • Breeding: About all litters bred by me.
  • Photos: Some extra photographs
  • Pedigrees: Speaks for itselfs. May be worth visiting if you are intersted in the pedigrees of the Pyrs. Otherwise, just skip it.